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Meet Our Team…

And Yours!

Behind every successful organization is a group of individuals who nurture relationships, are motivated by the desire to make a difference in their community and feel a sense of accomplishment from the simple act of doing what they love each and every day.

For years, the team at Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences has not only paved the way in the meeting and event industry but set itself on a path of building and maintaining long-lasting relationship with its valued clients.

Lavita Miller

Co-Owner - Contact Lavita

With over 30 years of hospitality experience, Lavita Miller, the Texas-based business owner of Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences, LLC, has worked alongside meeting planners from various industries and organizations, using a highly engaging, creative and personalized approach to effectively execute meaningful conference and incentive travel programs. 

Lavita has previously worked as a senior sales manager at large convention hotels and has held a position as a director of sales with Marriott International. With a deep understanding of the meeting and event industry, Lavita has also worked as an associate and meeting planner at leading hotel brands such as Loews, Fairmont, Hilton and Omni; her in-depth knowledge of venues, meetings, conferences and incentives has translated into high-quality functions that have saved her clients time, money and resources. 


Lavita’s passion for people is reflected throughout all of her personal and professional interactions, which are always infused with fun to add extra value to her clients’ events.


When she’s not working, Lavita enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and making plenty of room for laughter everywhere she goes.


Terri Gates Dailey

Director of Global Accounts - Contact Terri

Terri Gates Dailey is no stranger to hospitality or the growing team of which she is now an integral part. After connecting and becoming professionally acquainted with Lavita Miller, though never working directly with her, Terri transformed the art of her camaraderie-based interactions into a life-long skill – one that she continues to master to this day. Terri’s career in the meeting and event industry spans over 20 years, encompassing well-known hotel brands and properties such as Omni Austin Hotel Downtown and Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, and includes additional experience and knowledge gained in the real estate sector.

Now working as an independent contractor, a career change that she made following the COVID-19 pandemic, Terri hopes to partner the right people with perfectly sourced opportunities so they can, in turn, achieve their goals on a global scale. Thanks to Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences, LLC, Terri is looking forward to reconnecting the meeting world with the experience and boutique feel of an organization that takes a modern and personalized approach to bringing about needed end results.

Outside of work, Terri enjoys spending time with her family, taking part in meaningful conversations held over home-cooked meals at her dinner table at every possible opportunity. And while she loves traveling and exploring exotic destinations such as the island of Saint Martin, which she visited during a more recent vacation, Terri also focuses her energy on helping her local community and driving the fundraising efforts necessary to make a difference in the lives of undeserved youth under RBI Austin.

Dorann Ciminello

Director of Global Accounts - Contact Dorann

Dorann Ciminello is a seasoned executive assistant and event planner with over 30 years of experience in providing top-tier administrative support and orchestrating high-profile events. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled organizational skills, Dorann’s event-planning expertise spans a wide range of corporate functions, including international conferences, sales kick-offs and executive retreats. She excels in every aspect of event management, from conceptualization and budgeting to vendor negotiations and on-site coordination. Her ability to anticipate and resolve potential issues has earned her a reputation for executing flawless events that exceed expectations.


Dorann's strong interpersonal skills and knack for building lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and vendors have been instrumental in her success. Her working relationship with Lavita Miller and Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences, LLC over the past few years has made her decision to work as an independent consultant the perfect opportunity to continue building meaningful partnerships. And with a career characterized by dedication and adaptability, Dorann is a trusted and invaluable asset to any event brought to the table. Her passion for creating seamless events is like no other!


During her “off” time, Dorann enjoys traveling, spending time relaxing at the beach with her husband and pampering her cat, Tallulah.  She is also an avid reader who takes part in a monthly book club and devotes time to several non-profit organizations.


Priscilla Black

Global Account Administrator - Contact Priscilla

As Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences, LLC’s global account administrator, Priscilla Black is not only a welcome addition to a growing team of professionals but a recently trained specialist who has quickly become an integral part of a women-led organization. 

While Priscilla has worked extensively in food and beverage services, gaining valuable experience in guest-facing communications, she ultimately decided to pivot away from the industry and make a career change, ready to expand her skill set and learn everything there was to know about Lavita’s business.

In addition to taking advantage of all the opportunities for learning and growth that are constantly coming her way, Priscilla also makes sure 
to rest, spend time with her beloved rat terriers, Pickles and Penny, and enjoy a variety of recreational activities. In addition to reading, folding origami and crocheting – a hobby she picked up in high school and has since taken to the expert level of crafting Harry Potter characters – Priscilla is a mixed media artist who frequents museums, finds inspiration at local studios and seeks new ways of expressing her creativity.

Diana Balakirov

Content Writer (Volunteer) - Contact Diana

Magdalyn Duffie

Website Designer - Contact Magdalyn

Conference Room


Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences seeks to build and maintain meaningful connections within the meeting and event industry that can transform into long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships at the core of engaging, thoughtfully executed event programs.


Looking to join a highly passionate and energetic team?


We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to come onboard and hope you’ll reach out to inquire about potential opportunities available at Jewell Global Meetings & Conferences.



One-on-one interactions are at the core of our organization’s desire to form long-lasting relationships within the hospitality community.


From the latest technological advances to the most current trends, we seek to pave the way as knowledgeable, creative and relevant professionals in the meeting and event industry.


Events can take on a life form of their own when mutually beneficial professional experiences become one-of-a-kind personal experiences.

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